AviStack is a freeware tool that registers, stacks and processes AVIs and image sequences.

Update of 14 January 2009.

Experimental wavelet sharpening and level adjustment!

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Version 1.74 now includes wavelet sharpening and level adjustment. These tools are fully usable but mostly meant to be a preview on what will be included in version 2.00 (which is currently in the making). Please, give us feedback via the AviStack Group!

The wavelet sharpening tool was developed by Joe Zawodny with some very kind support by Registax developer Cor Berrevoets!

You can find a description on how to use the wavelet sharpening tool by clicking on this link. You can either use the tool at the end of the processing chain or simply load a single image using the "Load images" option from AviStack's file menu.

Other improvements:

  • New AVI file picker (much faster than the old one).
  • No AVI file size limit. AS detects *all* frames within an AVI.
  • The "out of memory" bug when setting reference points has been resolved.


AviStack v1.74 Download (Win32 Stand-Alone-Version)*

AviStack v1.74 Download (IDL .sav)**

Deutsche AviStack-Anleitung

 English AviStack manual

AviStack manuel en fran├žais

Please use the AviStack Group for feedback, discussions and questions!

*Simply download and unzip the file. Then run AviStack.exe. (~14 MB download)

** For use with an already installed IDL VM (see manual - works with Windows, Linux and Mac). If you have already installed the Windows-stand-alone version you can always replace the avi_stack.sav file in the program folder with the up-to-date version of that file. (~1 MB download)