Welcome to the AviStack homepage!

AviStack is a freeware tool that registers, stacks and processes movies and image sequences.


Update of 27 July 2009: Version 1.80 now available!

For Windows users: AviStack can now read a wide range of AVI codecs , as well as MOVs and MPEGs.

For all users: AviStack now supports SER format!

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AviStack Version 1.80 now enables you to read a much wider range of file formats as well as AVI codecs (Windows only!). This is thanks to Ronn Kling's AVI reader DLL/DLM. It makes accessible basically all AVI codecs installed on your computer.

This is how to proceed:

  1. Download and install AviStack 1.80.
  2. Goto Ronn's homepage where you will find the DLL/DLM download.
  3. Click on "krsgravi" and download krsgravi.zip. Then unzip it.
  4. Place KRSgrAVI.dll and KRSgrAVI.dlm in your AviStack program directory.
  5. Run AviStack.

If you want to read MOVs (e.g. Canon DSLR HD videos) and MPEGs with AviStack, you will additionally have to install the AviSynth frame server. Ronn's DLL will then take care that most MOVs and MPEGs are read properly.


Other improvements:

  • Much improved movie picker.
  • French language implemented (Many thanks to Aurélie Le Fort!)
  • Less memory intensive processing of large DSLR images.
  • Split movie into TIFFs.

If you have any trouble/recommendations, please, give feedback via the AviStack Group or contact me!

For example images, visit my homepage or look here.

As always: Before downloading and using AviStack, read the End User License Agreement!


Many thanks to everyone who was involved in beta testing AviStack 1.80!

Michael Theusner